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Residential Elevator Products

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Top-Quality Design Standards

We’ve worked tirelessly since the beginning to continually improve the design standards for every model of the residential elevators for your home that we offer.

While the cost of our accredited home elevators may be slightly more than some discount elevator suppliers, there’s no doubt that our quality is unmatched.

If you want a modern home elevator that sets the standard for quality, there’s only one answer – Cambridge Elevating.

Stiltz HomeLift

The Stiltz HomeLift range. Specially designed to fit easily into your home.

Already popular around the world with many thousands of satisfied customers, the Stiltz HomeLift was the first of its kind in the world. Designed to make your life easier, a Stiltz HomeLift allows you to travel safely and effortlessly between floors and its unique rail and drive system allows you to fit the lift almost anywhere in the home.

Staying Home Residential Elevators

Staying Home offers seniors specialized products to help them stay in their home longer, more comfortably and affordably.

The culmination of more than 100 years of stairway lift design experience; the Legacy ll incorporate “Best Features” across the entire industry.

Beautifully designed, brilliantly functional, sturdy, reliable and unobtrusive.

The industry’s ONLY battery powered residential elevator
The SHC elevator virtually eliminates concerns regarding power outages. The unit can run multiple trips (10+), in BOTH directions, on its own batteries.